Bulgarian Rose Oil (Rose Otto)
DescriptionRosa Damascena (Bulgarian Rose Oil) (Rose Otto)
CharacteristicsFluid Transparent Pale Yellow Liquid (above congealing point)
Country of OriginBulgaria
StorageIn dry, dark, and cool places (15-20C), in sealed containers
Expiration TermsUnlimited
Certificate of Analysis Yes
Chemical Analysis
DefinitionRosa Kazanlika V.T.; Rosa Damascena Mill. Var. Kazanlika
Extraction MethodWater-steamed distillation of Rosa Damascena petals
CompositionApproximately 300 components: Citronellol (up 36%), geraniol (up to 27%), nerol (up to 10%), eugenol (up to 1.5%), methyleugenol (up to 2.4%), phenylethyl alcohol (up to 3%), linalool, farnesol, carvon (up to 0.41%), rosofuran (up to 0.16%), damascon (up to 0.14%), ionon (up to 0.03%), citral, cinnamonic aldehyde, bensalaldehyde, formic acid, acetic acid, isovalerianic acid, n-paraffins,  ketones, phenols and phenol esters, hydrocarbons, and others.
Density, 30C0.8480 - 0.8610
Refraction number, 25C1.4530 - 1.4640
Acid number:Less than 4.0
Bulgarian Lavender Oil
DescriptionLavandula Vera (Bulgarian Lavender Oil)
CharacteristicsTransparent Yellow Liquid
Country of OriginBulgaria
StorageIn Dry, Dark, and Cool Places in Sealed Containers
Expiration TermsUnlimited
Certificate of AnalysisYes
Chemical Analysis
DefinitionLavandula Angustifolia, Vera ou Officinalis
Extraction MethodSteam distillation
Relative density, 20C0.880 - 0.890
CompositionLinalylacetate, linalool, lavandulol, lavandulyl acetate, camphor pinenes, terpineol, cineol, limonene, ocymene, caryophyllene, borneol, geranilacetate, bornylacetate, and others.
Refraction number, 25C1.457 - 1.467
Acid number:Less than 1.00
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